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Volume Control is a delightful, easy-to-navigate guidebook created by real-talk comedian Jen Butler (@jenbutlersays), a hypersensitive soul who has always had the volume turned up on life. Written for herself to help bridge the communication gap between her low lows and high highs, this choose-your-own-adventure guidebook is a perfect starting point for readers to create their own collection of emotional regulation tips and tricks. Jen cuts through the noise of typical self-help books with her refreshing honesty, comedic flair, adorable doodles, and practical, down-to-earth support. 


The dedicated section for supporters shares helpful analogies to better understand and support a hypersensitive loved one, along with encouragement and actionable steps for how to stay healthy (and sane) as a supporter.


Apparently, the human experience doesn’t come standard with a user’s manual to help us navigate this loud and spiky world. So, over the course of five years, Jen created her own. And now, she’s sharing it with you.

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