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My passion is to use the medium of movies to bridge the communication gap in our relationships with others and (especially) in our relationship with our individual selves.  Movies should inspire, heal, transform, and connect. I aspire to write movies that make people feel something, whether that's a laugh, a cry, or an epiphany.

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End of Scene (available)

(feature | fantasy | sci-fi | drama)

A jaded housewife realizes she and her husband are stuck in a house that resets every time she tries to leave or make a change, and she must decipher clues left by her past self to escape before the house resets her memory and she gets stuck forever.

End of Scene.png

The Big Sneeze (script in progress)

(feature | dark comedy | sci-fi)

When a clinically depressed middle school science teacher accidentally discovers that our existence is merely the result of a very slow-motion cosmic sneeze and that time is about to speed back up and kill us all, she fights between psychosis and reality as she tries to warn people and fix her relationships before the universe is wiped away.

The Big Sneeze movie poster.png

I-DEARS (in brainstorming phase)

(feature | self-romantic comedy | fantasy)

A blocked writer struggles to differentiate between reality and fiction when her creative ideas start to manifest in real life, fighting to the death for her attention so the winner can finally have their story written.

IDEARS (1).png

Sword in the Scone (available)

(short | animated | silent | kids)

While out to breakfast with her workaholic dad (glued to his cell phone), a playful girl pulls her dad into her imagination where they are pirates on a pirate ship, fighting for the real treasure.

Pirate's Hat

Sludge (available)

(feature | dark comedy | bromance)


When a metalhead internet troll is thrust into the world of drag fashion design, he battles himself as he starts to care for the very people he trolled.

SLUDGE movie poster.

Womanipulate (in brainstorming phase)

(feature | psychological thriller)

When a brilliant detective puts herself in harm's way by playing "victim" in order to catch serial killers, a dark side of her psyche awakens as she realizes she can manipulate the killers to her liking.


North Pole South (script in progress)

(feature | animated | comedy | kids)


When a young hippie elf takes over as head chef at the North Pole and removes sugar and gluten from the menu, Rudolph's red nose goes away (it was a gluten intolerance all along) and Santa becomes obsessed with fitness. The elf must find the tender balance between healthy living and enjoyment in order to save Christmas spirit.

North Pole South.png

AB Switch (brainstorming phase)

(short | animated | silent | kids)

A square type A personality and abstract type B personality undermine each other's efforts on a project only to discover they can't do it alone.

Brainstorm to Success
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