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I write children's books, real-talk adult books, and even make coloring books. No matter which book of mine you read, you're bound to see doodles. 

Jen's books

Some of these books are in the editing phases and will be published in 2023.

Coloring book-opotamus

Coloring book-opotamus
a coloring book of weird & fantastical hippo creatures

I got tired of seeing all the unicorn-blending animals everywhere, so I made hippo blends instead.


Volume Control
a guidebook for hypersensitive people who feel things deeply

For some of us, life is extremely loud. It's like we have the volume turned up on all of our senses. This is a guidebook to help hypersensitive people in this loud and spiky world.

Hand Drawing

It's Unstory Time
a children's book about rewriting inner narratives

Follow our protagonist as he realizes that some of the stuff he believes about himself isn't true at all, but are just "stories" he's heard from others!

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